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I quit my job to write this blog.

The story begins back in 2010. After graduating school I decided to take a trip to Europe. While abroad, I caught the travel bug and I yearned to see more of the world -- and to tell people what I saw. I began looking at different websites I could blog about my travels on and I couldn't find any I liked. Wordpress was too complicated and Blogger's UI gave me a headache. After months of trying to figure it out, I decided to go to school and learn how to make websites myself.

Fast forward five years and I have a great job in the web development industry, but still no blog. I decided one winter night to finally start my blog dream, and I launched Kenton de Jong Travel. I thought I'd get traffic immediately and 10,000 monthly readers, but instead I had maybe 200.

I quickly learned that the best way to grow a blog is to network so I joined several dozen networking groups on Facebook. One of them was for bloggers who could ask each other for website help. Here I began to share my web development knowledge and I started helping other bloggers. I quickly realized that, much to my surprised, other bloggers had absolutely no knowledge of web development.

As I was helping people, I noticed other bloggers were helping others as well. Most of the time their advice was good, but sometimes it was just awful. The comment that drew the line for me was when a blogger asked how to change the background colour of her website to red. This is a very simple thing so I decided to check the comments were and to see what people were saying. What I saw physically hurt me. The top rated comment was for her to change hosting providers and go from WordPress to Wix.

Not only was this piece of advice incrdibly awful and involved hours of transferring domains, files, emails, MS records, DNS records and everything else, but it had multiple upvotes. This piece of advice was trash and it frustrated me so much that I decided to quit my job and blog about web development instead.

So, welcome to My Beautiful Web.

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